The Project

The main objective of South Americando is to “map” the art from South America found in collections outside that continent. It will probably start by focusing on the ones based in the UK – for the reason that the author lives in London -, and potentially other artworks found elsewhere in the world.

I visit art museums a lot, either in London or wherever I go when I travel; and in those visits I have noticed a lack of representation of South American art and artists on display. Part of my objectives is to get to know what is out there – at least at first – and try to understand the relationships between the UK and South American exchange of art and culture.

The author

My name is Eloisa Rodrigues and I love art. I grow up in a small town in Brazil, 100 km away from Sao Paulo. For different reasons, I did not spend my childhood going to museums and seeing art all the time. Regardless, I was always very curious to learn more about it and in my early twenties I moved to Lisbon and decided to leave the beginning of my career as a Journalist behind to study History of Art. It is certainly easier (or more accessible?) to study History of Art leaving in an European capital. Finished with my studies in the Portuguese capital, I decided to try my luck and moved to the UK to undertake an MA in Museum Studies at the University of Leicester. A scholarship helped to pay the costs and here, in the UK, I stayed.

Being almost 10 years away from my home country made me want to feel closer to it and better understand the place and its culture(s). What a better way to do that than playing capoeira and writing about the art from there (and other countries from South America) found in the Museums I love visiting? This is more about getting to know better something and promoting it than nationalism.

I have had this projects for years and I hope to find time to keep this blog going on, as it is not my main activity – I do have to work… I am totally open to receive sponsorship 🙂




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