Gathering data

One of the greatest challenge in this project will definitely be gathering the necessary data to build up the case. How will I find out if museums and art galleries in London have artworks by Brazilian and other South American artists? This seems to be a naive question, as the answer – for those familiar with this area at least – would be ‘go check the museum’s catalogues and archives”!’. Or simple visit them!

Sure thing. However, and unfortunately, I don’t have the time or the resources to carry out my research in person at museums and galleries. I will have to rely, therefore, on what museums are making available online.

Fortunately there are a good number of institutions in the UK that have made their collections searchable online. I will try to get data by visiting museums and galleries as well and try to publish a post about these artists as I come across with them.

The question I have not found an answer to yet is whether I will focus on artworks from the 19th onwards or try to embrace e-ve-ry-thing I encounter. Or the exactly logistic and methodology for this project to happen. I did start gathering data from the museums’ catalogue online by searching certain keywords. This task is essential for the creation of a database and, in the future, to the actual “map” of this artwork, but it takes upon a great deal of time…

Still searching…


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