What is this about?

The idea

The first main objective of this blog is to map the art from South America found in museums’ collections in the UK. The second one is to carry out this task by gathering information available online.

It will start by focusing on a country that I am more familiar with: Brazil. The idea is to then extend this challenge to the neighboring countries.

I visit art museums a lot and in those visits I have noticed a lack of representation of South American art and artists on display.

My objective is to find out what is out there – at least at first – and try to understand the relationships between the UK and South American art and culture.

Ambitious project? Yes. Any help is welcome – as in: let me know if you are aware of academic articles regarding this topic. That would be very much appreciated.

The author

My name is Eloisa Rodrigues, I am from Brazil and I am currently living in London. I am passionate about art and museums and the positive impact they can have in people´s lives. I work as a Collections and Archives Officer for Lloyd´s Register Foundation, cataloguing their amazing collection of documents related to maritime history. I have a BA in Journalism, another one in History of Art and an MA in Museum Studies. This is a personal project and the views posted here are my owns.

Featured image from: https://www.flickr.com/photos/thejourney1972/3385178545/in/photostream/

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